meet jill

We are first and foremost a Christ serving family. Our mission is to glorify God in our Home and as we grow as a family.

V.P. of H.O.M.E

Wife. Mama. Homemaker.

I am married to my very best friend, Jacob. We established our family on Jan.5,2008 by saying “I DO.” We were Bible College sweethearts and he has continually been my partner through a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

We have been blessed with 5 children. 3 are with Jesus: Jamie, Shiloh, and Magnolia. We love them and cannot wait to be reunited someday. Our 2 girls: Kaydi and Presley are the biggest blessings of my life, outside of grace.

I left the work-world (Newspaper Journalist & Editor) and am a full-time Homeschool Mama and Homemaker. This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I am very grateful for the blessing to be able to be at home and be with the family. I see this as the greatest Ministry I could ever be blessed with doing.

We are using the MASTER BOOKS curriculum and believe in Gospel Centered teaching. No subject will be as important as instructing our girls in the Bible.

I have a project I am passionate about: EXPOSING THE ENNEAGRAM

Repentance has brought on a lot of refining for me. Passions that I long abandoned – like LOVING being a Homemaker and a Wife have come back with a mighty force. This is the power of the Holy Spirit.

My sin had made me bitter towards Marriage and pain darkened my love for the Lord’s commandments for wives and mothers. Since repenting and going through A LOT of changes – those passions have resurfaced and I want to share them with other women.

My once “Live Holy: Bold Blondie” Podcast is revamped and is coming out AUGUST 2021. It is called “BEST SERVED HOT: Recipes for Biblical Womanhood.”

God is SOVEREIGN and so I know I am where I am supposed to be in time but my heart does long for the years when manners were a must, women always wore lovely dresses, and chivalry was not dead.

I love musicals: Phantom of the Opera, Secret Garden, Les Mis are some of my favorites.

I host a monthly book club on Instagram, reading the Classics. I’m an Austen girl myself and excited to dig into other literary geniuses.

I have a beloved Tuxedo cat named Socks, who is like my little sidekick. He’s a rescue and we’ve had him since he was less than a year old.

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