Starting August 1st I’ll have accountability check in posts in my Instagram stories every morning at 5am (CST). You’ll be able to check in with what time you got up – this is strictly for accountability.

Here’s some tips:

• Start getting up at 5am BEFORE August 1st. You’ll be able to sorta train your body into not being so tired in the day. It can be exhausting to make this change at first but you will adjust!

• HAVE A PLAN! This is huge! Don’t just get up and not know what to do with your time. Make a list.
For me: I get up, have Bible time, get a workout in, shower, dress, and do any work I can – this usually takes up my 3 hours before my kids get up at 8am.

• GREET YOUR CHILDREN – this is one of my favorite things. My children are 10 and 13 and I love waking them up SLOWLY. So plan accordingly. Their bodies need time to wake up. I hate the idea of stressing out our kids because we aren’t prepare or leading them in good time management. I usually start breakfast and then wake them up…they come out all sleepy and cute and get to sit and enjoy breakfast while their bodies adjust.

• GO TO BE EARLIER. This is so key. You need sleep!!!!!! So go to bed! 😂

The 10:31 stands for 1 Corinthians 10:31

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