Creating A Family Worship Time

Does your family have a daily worship time? Let me encourage you to begin one if you don’t. Instructing our children in the Lord is our job as parents; it’s not the church’s job or left up to our children. WE are the parents and God has given us the task to teach our littlesContinue reading “Creating A Family Worship Time”


The book of Galatians is sometimes referred to as “the charter of Christian liberty.” In it, Paul fights tooth and nail for the doctrine of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. – Ligonier Ministries.  Paul is not messing around. He opens up the letter with what seems to be a warm greeting, which itContinue reading “GALATIANS: WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU?”

GIVEN A NEW HEART : How watching “american gospel” was used to change my entire life

I was introduced to the American Gospel documentary one night at a dinner with friends. It was introduced to me as “A documentary exposing Benny Hinn.” I was like “yea okay!” lol. And I didn’t think any more of it until some days later when my husband and I were laying in bed and decidedContinue reading “GIVEN A NEW HEART : How watching “american gospel” was used to change my entire life”