“Happy Birthday Jane Austen” Day

Jane Austen has always been my favorite author. “Sense & Sensibility” is my favorite story and one of my favorite movies. Of course, I am a huge fan of “Pride & Prejudice,” “Emma,” and “Northanger Abbey” too. To celebrate, my daughters and I dressed up, had muffins and tea, and watched “Pride and Prejudice.” WhoContinue reading ““Happy Birthday Jane Austen” Day”

Using Bullet Journaling To Work Unto The Lord

It’s no secret that I LOVE planning. I even have a FB group with other Christian women who share planning tips and encouragement. One way that I have learned to use planning as a way to serve the Lord with my time is by bullet journaling. Think of bullet journaling like a mix of brainContinue reading “Using Bullet Journaling To Work Unto The Lord”

Miscarriage: How to Help your Grieving Friend

A lot of people are talking about miscarriage this month. It’s a subject we should be talking about openly whenever it’s appropriate to. There are so many grieving mothers and fathers – losing their little ones before they ever got to hold them, know their sex, or pick out nursery furniture. It can very hardContinue reading “Miscarriage: How to Help your Grieving Friend”


Before I share how we’re making this switch, let me share what this choice for our family is NOT: Legalism – We are not creating or promoting a man made LAW, something that God didn’t say and making it a Sin to disobey it. Condemnation – I would NEVER condemn someone else’s family for notContinue reading “MAKING THE SWITCH – 90% ALL DRESSES”


Hear me out before your blood boils and you come at me. 🤣 1. Our girls love to hear about strong women and I think this is a good thing (leave the radical feminism out though, thanks). But why fill their heads with Disney when the Word of God has REAL WOMEN’s stories shared –Continue reading “ELSA’S GOT NOTHING ON ESTHER: BIBLE > DISNEY”

Creating A Family Worship Time

Does your family have a daily worship time? Let me encourage you to begin one if you don’t. Instructing our children in the Lord is our job as parents; it’s not the church’s job or left up to our children. WE are the parents and God has given us the task to teach our littlesContinue reading “Creating A Family Worship Time”


My family had the blessing and the heartache of fostering 3 children for 9 months. I will not pretend to be an expert but to share what I learned and what I know to be true, from God’s Word, as to why we have a responsibility to take care of little ones in need. NotContinue reading “FOSTER CARE TIPS & WHY CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE OPENING UP THEIR HOMES”