Let’s travel back to 2013 when we were living in Ohio. I was a VERY different woman than I am today thanks to Christ and that very different woman (me) was determined to get a pet. We had our two daughters already – they were little and I had fixed my mind to get aContinue reading “A LESSON WITH PETS, A HUSBAND & MANIPULATION”

Should Christian Women Masturbate?

The answer is absolutely NO and here is why. SEX IS FOR MARRIAGE AND NOTHING ELSE. ladies, it does not matter what any psychologists say, what the world does, or how good it makes you feel. It doesn’t even matter if your husband is okay with you masturbating. WE MUST FOLLOW THE WORD OF GODContinue reading “Should Christian Women Masturbate?”


Is anyone already feeling offended? lol. I don’t want to offend but I do want to talk about femininity. BIBLICAL FEMININITY. We need to strip away the fact that we live in 2021 and in very liberal societies. We need to remove ourselves from the history of “feminism” and “how far women have come.” TheseContinue reading “GODLY MEN WANT FEMININE WIVES”

Withholding Sex, on purpose, from our Husbands is Sin

Before we jump in, I am not sure I have ever been this cautious writing a post before. I know that this is going to get pushback from women who 1. Hate God’s Word 2. Come from a painful experience and will speak from that and want to make excuses for not obeying God’s commandsContinue reading “Withholding Sex, on purpose, from our Husbands is Sin”


You’re either visiting this page because you’re curious as to what “recommitting yourself to purity as a wife” means or because you have committed sin or are in sin – while married and it’s breaking you. I’m here to speak to the hearts of the women who are in Jesus and have also committed orContinue reading “RECOMMITTING TO PURITY AS A WIFE”