Before we jump in, let me state VERY CLEARLY that I do not believe that it is a sin NOT to do devotions in the morning. We cannot make non-sin issues into legalistic tasks and expect everyone to adhere to them. This is harmful and not helpful. However, I do believe there is wisdom inContinue reading “WHY I ENCOURAGE MORNING DEVOTIONALS”


You may have heard of the 75 HARD CHALLENGE? It’s a popular challenge that is indeed…VERY HARD. You commit to: Workout 2- 45 min. sessions a day (one being outdoors) Drink a Gallon of Water Stick to a Healthy Food Plan Take a progress photo daily Read 10 min. of a non-fiction book Take aContinue reading “TAKE MY 35 DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE”


“To be slandered is a terrible thing but it is, on the whole, a lesser evil than to be thought better than we are.” – Charles Spurgeon Biblical womanhood is not having a cute heavily marked in or designer Bible, a playlist of current worship songs that bring about cathartic experiences, drinking from a “CoffeeContinue reading “BIBLICAL WOMANHOOD: IT’S NOT A TREND.”

Should Christian Women Masturbate?

The answer is absolutely NO and here is why. SEX IS FOR MARRIAGE AND NOTHING ELSE. ladies, it does not matter what any psychologists say, what the world does, or how good it makes you feel. It doesn’t even matter if your husband is okay with you masturbating. WE MUST FOLLOW THE WORD OF GODContinue reading “Should Christian Women Masturbate?”

Not “A WORD of the Year” but “THE WORD for the Year.”

Morning Sisters in Christ. How are you? With the New Year approaching faster than I can seem to keep up with I have been tempted to sit down and come up with New Year’s resolutions or to pick a word for 2022 to focus on and pray for. This is a tradition for the womenContinue reading “Not “A WORD of the Year” but “THE WORD for the Year.””

Can Pursuing My “Impossible Dream” Glorify God?

I have had a dream that 12 years in, feels impossible at this point. It’s not to write a book or go skydiving. It’s not even my 100 lb. weight loss goal. It’s to be a runner. Weighing 250+ lbs. at 5’4 and only ever walking for exercise and doing some high cardio workouts hereContinue reading “Can Pursuing My “Impossible Dream” Glorify God?”

Using Bullet Journaling To Work Unto The Lord

It’s no secret that I LOVE planning. I even have a FB group with other Christian women who share planning tips and encouragement. One way that I have learned to use planning as a way to serve the Lord with my time is by bullet journaling. Think of bullet journaling like a mix of brainContinue reading “Using Bullet Journaling To Work Unto The Lord”


Is anyone already feeling offended? lol. I don’t want to offend but I do want to talk about femininity. BIBLICAL FEMININITY. We need to strip away the fact that we live in 2021 and in very liberal societies. We need to remove ourselves from the history of “feminism” and “how far women have come.” TheseContinue reading “GODLY MEN WANT FEMININE WIVES”


Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my jazz music playing, a coffee hot beside me, and my heels are tapping to the beat as I type. I am definitely not your average modern woman. I have an old soul and if I didn’t believe God wasn’t completely Sovereign, I’d say I was born in theContinue reading “5 REASONS I’M CALLED “OLD FASHIONED” IN 2021″