35 DAY CHALLENGE RESULTS (no.1) and how to join the next one

The ladies in my Food-Idol Slayers FB group and I have been going through a 35 day challenge. While I post this, we’re going to be on day 28 of 35. So technically we’re not done yet but by the time some women read this, we will be. I wanted to give women time toContinue reading “35 DAY CHALLENGE RESULTS (no.1) and how to join the next one”


You may have heard of the 75 HARD CHALLENGE? It’s a popular challenge that is indeed…VERY HARD. You commit to: Workout 2- 45 min. sessions a day (one being outdoors) Drink a Gallon of Water Stick to a Healthy Food Plan Take a progress photo daily Read 10 min. of a non-fiction book Take aContinue reading “TAKE MY 35 DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE”