You may have heard of the 75 HARD CHALLENGE? It’s a popular challenge that is indeed…VERY HARD.

You commit to:

  1. Workout 2- 45 min. sessions a day (one being outdoors)
  2. Drink a Gallon of Water
  3. Stick to a Healthy Food Plan
  4. Take a progress photo daily
  5. Read 10 min. of a non-fiction book
  6. Take a cold shower

I hope I am not missing anything but that was the basic plan. I attempted this challenge and didn’t even make it half-way. Call me a quitter. I definitely quit. It was very hard to stick to.

I have had women ask for a more realistic plan, to commit to, that would give results, and that centered around Christ.

I came up with this 35 day challenge. I made it DOABLE, ACHIEVABLE, and I hope EXCITING.

The women in my Food-Idol Slayers group are doing it and I wanted to give any other women the opportunity to commit to it as well.

I pray you spend more time in the Word than just 20 min. but I know some women aren’t spending any time in the Scriptures and so I wanted to give a goal that would help women who aren’t being disciplined yet in their personal Bible studies.

The biggest challenge I see is the water and the sleep.

WE NEED TO BE DRINKING WATER LADIES! I have been learning this the hard way with my soda addiction and working my way out of it.

The water and going to bed (at a decent hour) are things you may REALLY struggle with but I am asking you to push yourself for these 35 days and see how it feels at the end.

The challenge beings January 1st.

If you want to do this challenge, I want you to really think about what your word means. We so often make commitments and then break them without much thought or consequences.

We need to be women of our word as followers of Jesus.

So, if you’re going to commit to this – really commit! I’m talking to myself too.

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER LADIES and we have the Holy Spirit in us, producing His good fruit to help us be disciplined and self-controlled.

Let me know if you’re committing to this challenge so I may pray for you every single day of our 35 days together.


  1. I love this💕
    I plan to join you on this challenge and pray for strength and focus to stay committed.
    May God be with you as we embark into 2022.


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