Before I share how we’re making this switch, let me share what this choice for our family is NOT:

  • Legalism – We are not creating or promoting a man made LAW, something that God didn’t say and making it a Sin to disobey it.
  • Condemnation – I would NEVER condemn someone else’s family for not following the same choices my family makes, especially when it’s not a commandment in Scripture. Reproofing a sister for their sin is not the same thing as condemning someone for not following the same lifestyle choices (ones that aren’t sin issues.)
  • Twisting of Scripture – God has made it clear in His Word that men should dress in men’s clothing and women need to dress in women’s clothing. Deuteronomy 22:5. But there are women’s pants and women’s shorts. We are not trying to say that God’s Word says women should ONLY wear dresses or skirts.

With that out of the way, let me tell you that years ago my husband and I had a strong conviction about myself and our girls wearing only dresses. We believe it celebrates femininity – which honors God and how He created women.

We tried it for a few weeks and then I stopped, which then meant the girls stopped too.

The Lord has restored our marriage, after years of hardship, and along with our marital restoration the Lord blessed me with a renewed love for homemaking and being domestic. We have made A LOT of changes over the last year.

I had to repent of my laziness and that has resulted in HUGE positive changes for our family. God is so gracious and so so good.

Back to the dresses. With this 4th wave of feminism, their radical and illogical ideas, the teaching that there are MANY genders, that biological men can be women, etc. – being forced upon this society – I have found myself desiring to take more of a bold stand for Biblical womanhood.

This opened up the conversation again about the females in our home switching to wearing 90% dresses. My husband is so supportive and loves the idea of his girls looking like little girls, his wife looking feminine – we both love the vintage 1940s style – and honoring the Lord with wearing dresses that celebrate our femininity.

We talked to the girls about it and the next morning, they both came out in dresses. I assured them that most anything they can do in shorts – they can do in a dress. They proved that right! 😉


I am a very girly woman naturally but like I shared above, the war on biological genders is so out of control that I want to be making choices (even ones that make little difference to other people) to promote TRUTH.

When feminism came storming in – the pants made an appearance and women started leaving the Home, having disdain for being “just” a wife and mommy, and started being more and more masculine. Radical Feminism is poison and doesn’t align with God’s created order for males and females.

We want our girls to look like girls and dresses is one way to make sure that we’re celebrating that God created them female.

I am not saying the girls and I will ONLY EVER wear dresses, which is why I titled this 90%, but I want to bring traditional values into our home. Like I said, this isn’t a SIN issue – it’s a choice our family is making.

Not all dresses are modest but I do believe a modest dress is a good choice for our daughters, over modest pants and a top. I like that in dresses our girl’s bodies aren’t outlined and their clothes aren’t hugging every area of their legs and bottom. Same for me as a woman. Dresses, when modest, cover more than a pair of pants do. The outline of my figure is highlighted in dresses but it’s not the MAIN ATTRACTION, if you get what I mean. lol.

I’m continually working on not being a woman who is SO concerned with her appearance for validation (wanting other people to find me attractive) and simply dressing myself to bring God glory and to be attractive for my husband. I am definitely married to a man who appreciates when I have taken the time to put myself together. He feels loved when I do.

One of my favorite dresses – from Target


  • DONATE DONATE DONATE: We have gone through the girls clothes and gotten rid of a lot of the excess pants, t-shirts, and shorts. Good-Will and even a second-hand store for children is a great way to put your clothes to good use.
  • SHOP THRIFT: We are not into labels. I’d rather buy 5 dresses for $40 than one outfit for that same amount. We LOVE thrift shopping. You can find amazing dresses for very little money.
  • LESS IS FINE: Despite what Pinterest boards tell us, our children don’t need overflowing closets of clothes. Shocking, I know! I’ve been that Mama and it was a waste of not only money but of space. The girls had an abundance of clothing and never wore even 1/2 of it. Shop wisely.
  • FOR MAMA: I love prints and stand out dresses but a wise way to build your wardrobe is to buy dresses and cardigans, sweaters and accessories that can take 1 dress and turn it into 5 different looks. Nicer Tees are also super cute to wear with skirts or over dresses to have a more casual look.
  • BUY SOLIDS: The black dress is still a must have for a woman’s closet. Again, this can be paired with Tshirts, sweaters, accessories and you’ll be able to have lots of looks with the use of this one black dress. Same for other solid colors.

Tips: Amazon also has Maxi dresses for inexpensive prices. The dresses my girls are wearing in their jump rope photos both came from Amazon.

I make no money off of you going to these links and am not affiliated with Amazon.


  • Invest in TIGHTS and Spanx shorts. Not only will you feel secure in them but during the winter, they’ll keep you warm. I have lived in MO. and now Oklahoma and I know you can still wear dresses and be warm in the snow. But definitely get in your slacks if you’ll be PLAYING IN the snow. 😉 Also, the spanx shorts won’t be visible through the dress and if the dress blows up in the wind or something – you’ll still be covered underneath.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU GIVE UP. Women, back in the day, did HARD MANUAL LABOR TYPE WORK IN THEIR DRESSES! The excuse that you can’t do housework or gardening in a dress is just an excuse honestly or it’s simply your preference. That is okay! But don’t knock working in dresses until you’ve tried to do the work in your dress. I do housework in dresses – not to look stylish while cleaning but because I can! My girls have climbed trees in dresses with shorts underneath. There’s not much you can’t do in a dress.
  • BOOTS: Boots with dresses is adorable! GREAT for the Fall and Winter.
  • INVEST IN ACCESSORIES: Scarves, necklaces, hats, and cardigans … I love shoes – colorful ones and quirky big earrings. It’s kind of my little accessory obsession. Wear bright pops of color in your accessories to really make your neutral dress(es) look like a whole different outfit!

Sincerely, my heart desires to bring the Lord glory in our Home and with our Style. I love femininity and this is one way that I want to worship Him with what we wear. Does God look at outfits and judge us based on what we’re wearing? No. Not unless it’s a modesty issue but I know that the Lord does care that women look like women and men look like men.

This is one way we want to be obedient to that.

8 thoughts on “MAKING THE SWITCH – 90% ALL DRESSES

  1. This has been something I have been thinking about recently. I think because we grew up wearing what everyone else wears, it seems old fashioned, but I definitely want to try to be more feminine. Great post!


  2. I go back and forth with this and have incorporated more dresses into my wardrobe. It’s hard sometimes with my son and his activity level being autistic… I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt 90% of the time.


  3. I work in an office of a college and love that we are required to dress professionally. This has given me the opportunity to dress as feminine as my heart desires. I wore shorts today and went and enjoyed time with my husband as he fished, but they are knee length and girly. He loves that I can express a girly side, yet not be too good to get dirty. I’m working on styling my hair better, so if you ever want to share tips, I’m here for it! Lol Thanks for encouraging us in the Lord in ways that glorify Him.




  5. I started wearing dresses more in 2020 and routinely wear them to work and on weekends. I tend to wear the more structured or formal dresses for work, and the casual dresses on weekends. There are some very comfortable pull-on dresses at Lands End.


  6. I’ve wore nothing but dresses or skirts my entire life and I can do everything! One thing I’ve added to my closet that is so helpful is a skort! It’s a skirt with shorts underneath in the same color. It’s great to go swimming with or play sports. I wear knee length skorts and it works great!


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