Hear me out before your blood boils and you come at me. 🤣

1. Our girls love to hear about strong women and I think this is a good thing (leave the radical feminism out though, thanks). But why fill their heads with Disney when the Word of God has REAL WOMEN’s stories shared – who point to the Lord?

2. Yes, our littles can have Bible and Disney. However, the Bible is God’s Word. It’s alive and active: it’s to be the light to their little feet. It’s TRUTH. Disney fills our little children’s minds with a lot of nonsense. “Dreams coming true” and “wishing on stars.” These things do not line up Biblically.

3. Disney is not the Disney our parents had. It now supports the LGBTQ+ agendas and other anti-Christ themes & subjects.
Should we really be allowing our kids to become emotionally attached to Princesses and characters that have their creators be absolutely anti-God?

4. We can become lazy as parents and throw on Disney films and only instruct our children in the Word for 5-10 min a day. This is backwards for a family who professes to know and worship Jesus Christ.
We need to be in the Bible with our kids – we need to be sharing God’s glory through the stories He gave to us in the Word.

5. Elsa and other Princesses teach our children to be empowered, to follow their hearts, to even disobey their parents AND these are not things we are told to think or act on in the Bible. Our hearts are deceitful above all things, we are to obey our parents, and we shouldn’t boast in self but in Christ. So the messages Disney sends our children are not in line with God. This is a problem.

Am I solely against Disney? No. I’m not. Some of the older movies are really good. We love “Swiss Family Robertson” – it has a good message to it. But again, Disney has changed and it’s messages have too.

I’m simply encouraging you to think these things through – as my husband and I are as well. What we put before our children to watch and to absorb is on us. It’s our responsibility to teach them good things and so we need to really dissect what they’re learning from Disney.

Let’s be Mother’s excited to get into the Word with our children. The stories in the Bible point to Christ!!! AMEN!

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