My Amateur Guide to “Dirty” Intermittent Fasting

Hey sisters! I get asked all the time online if I can help women explain more about Intermittent Fasting and what I did to lose the weight in my ROUND 1 of I.F.

The thing is though girls, I am an amateur! I didn’t clean fast and there are some women who practice Intermittent Fasting and they are very very SERIOUS – no calories whatsoever outside of your eating window. I respect them and the science behind it but the goal for me was not actually to get my body into a ketosis state.

My goal was to practice discipline with my food. My obesity was due to a sin ladies. I had a food idol and it wasn’t until I saw it as sin that I was able to confess it as such, repent, and make changes.

So, if you’re here to learn about Intermittent Fasting in it’s purest state and from someone who can give you all the science and facts – I am not your girl and this blog post is not for you. lol.

But, if you struggle with a food-idol and are looking to use I.F. to practice discipline and self-control with food then keep reading. 🙂

I started I.F. on February 18th – if I have my dates right. :/ And I had major success on it.

This is what I did:

  • I used the 16/8 method. I fasted for 16 hours and ate between an 8 hour window. My hours were 11am-7pm.
  • Yes, I drank whatever I wanted outside of my eating window. Usually it was Coffee with creamer, water, and Coke Zero.
  • I stopped snacking and binge eating like I was because I was slaying my food idol by surrendering those desires to Christ. It was not always easy but I made it through and eventually the cravings stopped.
  • I worked out but not consistently. I walked a lot – especially when I was attempting to do the 75 hard challenge.
  • I drank A LOT of water.
  • I prioritized sleep.
  • I didn’t cut out carbs but I did cut back.
  • I switched to sugar free sweets if I had any at all

I dropped about 50 lbs. and I am very proud of that – though the glory belongs to Christ.

This journey for me began with repentance and that’s what it continues to be. I cannot return to food for comfort, for entertainment, for numbing my feelings, for gluttony sake.

I had to continually (and still do) go to the cross and surrender my desire to stuff my face. This was a sin issue for me that ended up hurting my health.

I can give you all the health tips in the world to lose the weight but my encouragement would be to lose the sin: of laziness, of gluttony, of having a food-idol.

We need to get very real with ourselves. People do not like to talk about food in a sense that sin could be involved but we need to talk about it. We need to repent ladies and start practicing self-control.

We cannot just abstain from food and so we need to have a new relationship with it. It can’t be our god. It has to be used for the glory of GOD.

Of course not every woman who is heavier has a food idol and I know health issues can lead to weight gain. I am not speaking to this.

I have started my Round 2 and will go back to checking in every week with you all. It was such an accountability before. I just don’t want to get sucked back into caring so much about the scale.

The goal is not to be thin – it’s to glorify the Lord with my health.

The women in my Food-Idol Slayers FB Group is about to start the book “Broken Bread” by Tilly Dillehay.

I am ecstatic to read it for myself and along with other sisters in Christ.

My sweetie just started I.F. too and I am excited to be doing it alongside my man. He is such a motivator for me.

I’ll be checking in for this journey specifically every Wednesday – right here on my blog. I’m praying for you ladies who are walking beside me in the journey.


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