Oooooo I am feeling sassy this morning ladies!!

Since MAY I haven’t lost one pound. I have tried not to look, I have tried not to care, but come on – Im putting in some work (not the best effort but still sticking to not returning to my food-idol) and NO POUNDS WERE DROPPING ON THE SCALE. None. Nada. Zero.

But I threw on a t-shirt and it felt baggy…so in pink-panther background music style, I grabbed some of the dresses I haven’t been able to wear and started trying them on.


In May it wouldn’t even fit over my shoulders!!!! Tonight – BAM!!

This one especially – I even sent this before pic to my hubby with the sad little caption of “maybe another 10-20 lbs to go.”

Well, obviously the scale made me a liar too because I’ve dropped 0 weight on the scale but somehow I can button the dress now. lol.

I’m not mad about it – I am actually INCREDIBLY PROUD OF MYSELF. Keeping in mind that the true glory goes to Christ, He is the hero of my story, even in this. It has taken major discipline over the last 20 weeks – from repenting of my food-idol to today, I haven’t given up.

I do have a plan though. Starting on July 19th, I will be doing the 90 day challenge of TURBOFIRE – which is a Beachbody workout I really love. No I don’t sell Beachbody products. 😉

I’ve lost 50 lbs and it’s time I start picking up the exercise while I continue to work on my eating – which brings me to another point that I am not so excited about…


I have Interstitial Cystitis and well, it really can be painful. It feels like having a horrible UTI but no infection. I have tried the “IC DIET” before but it is so cut and dry that I failed miserably.

My symptoms have gotten worse this year and since I have had victory in the food department over these last 20 weeks, I want to see if cutting out the harmful foods to IC sufferers helps.

My symptoms come in what we call “flares.” I don’t have month long symptoms but when they come on – it’s pretty bad.

I promise to share more about what this diet looks like during my week 22 update.

Then and Now.

I truly am a different woman these days and not just in size.

These last 20 weeks have matured me in so many ways.

And it all started with repentance.

One thought on “WEEK 20 UPDATE: THE SCALE IS A LIAR!!

  1. It is a total liar. My measuring tape however is on a timeout right now. We may not be on speaking terms for a long, long time. I’m not happy with her loose tongue.

    Turbofire is a fun one. Although I’ve never completed the entire schedule. Some I just couldn’t handle and I liked to repeat the same long fires over and over again.


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