Well ladies, how did you like “Jane Eyre?”

Share your final thoughts with me below. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Was it hard to read?

What would you have done in Jane’s position AND how did you like the ending?

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 29th) I’ll be watching the movie “JANE EYRE.”

This one is a GREAT watch!

We will be beginning JULY BOOK CLUB on the 1st.

We are reading “Through Gates of Splendor” by Elisabeth Elliot.

Thank you to all you participated in June book club. I will be announcing June’s book club winner – with a prize – this weekend!!!!!


  1. I have always liked Jane Eyre. I have read it several times. I loved the ending and how she and Mr Rochester we’re finally married and had a little boy! And Rochester regained sight in one eye. One of my favorite books!


  2. I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this book so much!! I’ve never read any of the classics and I didn’t expect to be able to appreciate it. The first 10 chapters were difficult to get through, having a hard childhood myself, my heart struggled to read about Jane mistreatment and her losing her best friend. By the time I realized the Mr. Rochester was “The one” I couldn’t put the book down. Literally, I finished it in 2 days! Lol I really enjoyed the descriptive details to Jane’s journey of Love and Loss and Love again!! I admire Jane for the way she kept her honor, even though she had no familial strings or social restrictions to running away with Edward, that would have been so hard for me in my flesh. I was quite disappointed with Edward though, the way he tried to rush Jane into marriage, knowing it would not have been legal, I know he was in love, but that’s just selfish. Jane’s cousin St. John left a bad taste In my mouth, all she ever wanted was family and he couldn’t just be that for her .. he kept saying it was God’s will for her to marry him, and that was definitely a selfish lie on his part. Anyways, in conclusion. I loved how the story ended, Jane and Edward together again, just as it should be. The little details she shared of their life together…..Edward getting some sight back and being able to see his first son be born. Just so incredibly lovely!! I’m so thankful I hopped onboard for this book!


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