Hello ladies. This is my official week 18 update.

If you remember in last Thursday’s post, I shared how I was taking a break from Intermittent Fasting (after doing it for 17 weeks) because I didn’t want to be doing it while on our vacation coming up….well, BIG MISTAKE.

One week off I.F. and I almost immediately started having digestive and sleep issues. I first thought I had food poisoning or something but after doing some research, others have had the same problems when stopping I.F.

I cant believe how yucky I felt (still feel) and how many trips to the bathroom I am taking. Sorry for the TMI but this is about health. I felt miserable!

So, today I am back on and I’m not getting off again. I am hoping to start feeling better soon. I miss my good night’s sleep!!! 🙂


Ok, who remembers me beginning the 75 hard challenge?

If you do not know what it is – for 75 days straight (no breaks) you must:

  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Workout for two 45 min. sessions in a day
  • Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book
  • Take a progress photo daily
  • Stick to a health food plan

I made it to 32 days and then fuddled through the next 50 going on and off the plan before I stopped completely.

It was no joke.

I definitely failed. I didn’t even make it half way but I am proud of the effort I did and for trying it in the first place. It is definitely not for the flaky.

If I ever do it again, I’ll make sure I have a very strict accountability partner to do it with. I also think that I would need to pray about the discipline more to complete it. After day 30, I was exhausted by the routine of it all and it became easier and easier to skip one of the tasks.

I truly applaud those who make it through the 75 days. I hope to try it again someday.

So today is day 1, back on I.F. and I am going to need a lot of self-control because there are so many celebrations happening in the next month and the food temptations are going to be HUGE!

But I know that I can do this! I’ve been doing it for 18 weeks and have made huge changes. I love seeing how my body is changing as I lose weight but most importantly I love how vulnerable I am able to be with Christ.

Removing my food-idol and the self-medicating with it has opened the door for me to simply come to the cross with my emotions and anxiety. And now, my feelings aren’t being numbed and stuffed down with food, but surrendered and trusted to the care of the Good Shepherd. It’s made a MASSIVE difference in my life.

I’ll be checking in next week and I’ll update you on if I start feeling better once being on I.F. again.

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