There is really only one question that can even be asked dear sisters:


Put yourself in Jane’s shoes. Would the temptation be too much to stay with Rochester or would you take your leave?

Also, please let me know if this was a surprise to you, a first time reader of “Jane Eyre” to discover the big secret.

6 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: JANE EYRE CH. 21-30

  1. Girl!!!!!! I was shook when I read what happened!!! Honestly my flesh wanted her to just love him, runaway and be blissfully happy with him. It was heartbreaking, the entire scene on the wedding day. I was anxious to keep reading to see if they would end up together because my heart just needed them to somehow come back to one another.


  2. Not sure if my post made it thru so trying again. I was heartbroken with Jane. I know I would not have had the strength to fight my flesh in that situation. At this point I could not stop reading, my heart couldn’t have peace until I knew if they somehow found their happily ever after!


  3. Having read this before, I knew what was coming! 💔 My fleshly nature would have stayed with Rochester, but I cheered Jane on for making the right decision to uphold her integrity even though her heart was shattered into a million pieces. I would like to think that I myself would have acted like Jane and ran. Bless her heart!


  4. I could feel the heartache that Jane felt at being deceived about Rochesters wife! It made me feel mad and disappointed at Rochester that he was trying to go through with getting married to Jane and how unloving and selfish it was!

    I was deceived by my husband when we got married unfortunately. He had withheld from me the state of his finances and his pornography addiction. I was heartbroken when I discovered it about a month into marriage and called our pastor and said “I didn’t know about this stuff, I don’t know if we should be married!” And he was like “Sorry Steph it’s a little too late, you’ll have to work through it.” Our first year of marriage was very difficult.
    So I was thinking- that was totally a blessing that Jane found out the secret before they were married. Imagine how much worse she would have felt if she thought they were happily married and then the secret came out?
    Thankfully God worked in us and our marriage and we’ve been married almost 7 years now! God is so good! I’m so glad he sees the big picture when we can only see a piece of it.


  5. Yay! We finally made it to the big reveal. It’s been killing me to try to answer the previous questions without references to what I knew was coming. The second read-through (and 5th, or 10th) are definitely different than the first! I admire Jane so much for her obedience to God’s law even when it was breaking her heart to leave Rochester. You can feeeeeeel her pain but she offers all of herself. One of the things I always tell our children is that their obedience isn’t really tested until they can obey even when they *want* to do the exact opposite. It is one level of obedience when they eat the cookie I hand them but am whole other when I tell them they aren’t allowed to attend a slumber party at a friend’s house because I don’t know all their friends and have concerns. When they can humbly submit even when they cannot see or understand, that is a mark of true trust and obedience. Jane models that so well, and I can only hope that if I were ever in her situation (in some weird universe, since it would be pretty weird to find out my husband of 15 years has been hiding an insane first wife in the attic all this time) I do hope I could trust God and obey him, despite my fleshly desire to be loved and cherished, and to love. I probably won’t ever be in that place but I daily ask God to give me strength to obey him even in the smallest things where it is easy to rationalize disobedience— like sitting on my phone instead of folding the laundry I need to fold. By his grace and strength, I hope I am daily being confirmed to the image of Christ and modeling true and joyful obedience for my children and anyone else watching.


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