week 17: breaking from intermittent fasting

Today was one of the first times in 17 weeks I actually ate breakfast, in the morning, with my family.

I have been Intermittent Fasting for 17 weeks but today that has ended. Just for a little while.

Our family is going on a week long vacation coming up (cannot wait!) and I refuse to be the one not eating with the family because of my IF schedule. And so, I am breaking from I.F. for a little while.

I will still be practicing self-control with my food and being sure to exercise.

This morning I had Keto waffles and it was so nice to eat with the family. No, I am not doing Keto but these waffles are much healthier than the standard waffle and so I enjoy them.

No recent weight loss to report. I seem to have hit a big wall but I am not discouraged. My body will continue to respond to the healthy choices and changes in my life. I need just be patient. 🙂

I am kinda curious to see if my leaving I.F. is going to effect my weight in a positive or negative way. I’ll definitely fill y’all in as I go.

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