Chores are a way of teaching our children discipline, to take care of the things they’ve been given, showing family participation, and are character building.

I have compiled a list of age appropriate chores that we used with our littles and are still using with our children. I won’t be able to add every single possible chore but it should give you an idea.


Even our very little ones can understand picking up after themselves, the basics of cleaning, and taking care of their trash and belongings.

When we were fostering, we had a two year old little girl. The first day I had her, she was given a juice box. When she was done drinking it, she just threw it on the floor (in the living room) and walked away.

I brought her back and showed her how she needs to take her trash to the trash can in the kitchen to throw it away properly. It took a few times but before we knew it, she would immediately throw her trash away correctly when she was done with whatever she was using.

  • Clean up toys (make it into a game or sing songs while you do them)
  • Throw trash away
  • Put dish (ex: sippy cup) in the sink when done
  • Put some socks on their hands and let them dust
  • With supervision, put their folded clothes in their proper drawers


  • Pick up their toys
  • Make their beds
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper
  • Feed and Water the Pet

6-10 Year Olds

  • Help with Laundry (supervised)
  • Help with Trash
  • Dusting
  • Wipe down counters and bathrooms
  • Pull weeds / minimal yard work (supervised)
  • Set Table for meals

10-13 Year Olds

  • Kitty Litter Box
  • Unsupervised Laundry (be sure they are trustworthy with detergent.)
  • Bathroom Responsibilities – toilet, shower/bath, floors, sinks.
  • Bedroom
  • Vacuum
  • Trash Responsibilities
  • Recycling Responsibilities
  • Walk the dog
  • Wash Dishes, Unload Dishwasher
  • Kitchen Help


  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Mop
  • Prepare Meals
  • Babysit the younger children
  • Wash Car
  • Deeper Cleaning

These are basic home chores per age that your children can and should be participating in.

We have an 11 and a 9 yr. old.

They both do their own laundry and are responsible for their bathroom (though I sometimes come in after them and perfect the cleaning a tad bit.)

My oldest does the dishes and my youngest helps with the trash every week.

They both pull weeds and pick up sticks around the yard.

My 9 year old dusts and also uses a smaller vacuum to clean up any hair (we have 2 dogs and a cat)

They must make their beds each morning and both clean their room.

My oldest has started to cook on her own. She loves to make scrambled eggs, cookies, brownies, and grilled cheese.

What are some chores your children do?

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