I am loving this book ladies. It is so intriguing. I hope you’re all enjoying it too. Now, let’s get to this week’s Questions.

There’s 8 questions. Feel free to answer all or as many as you’d like. The more you answer, the more you get your name entered into our end of the month giveaway.

Question 1: What makes a woman a “lady?” Do you think that “class issues” still play a part in 2021, here in America? If you’re living in another country – explain how class issues either do matter or do not matter in your country.

Jane hears a strange, disquieting laugh…

Question 2: Are you a woman who gets lost in her thoughts and imagination often? Do you long for things outside the typical domestic duties of a woman? What kind of adventures have you pursued or desire to pursue?

Question 3: What are your first thoughts of Mr.Rochester: his physical description and Jane and his first encounter?

Question 4: What did first think about Grace and her disturbing laughter and setting the fire to Rochester’s bed – not being fired for her antics and appearing calm, even warning Jane to lock her own door at night?

Question 5: How would you, if you could speak to Jane, explain the dangers of comparison? Referring to her portraits of herself and Blanche.

Question 6: Describe your feelings when Rochester was revealed as the Gypsy. What did you think about his ways to understand what the women were secretly desiring?

Question 7: Describe your feelings towards Blanche and her mother?

Question 8: What do you make of Mason’s attack and the secrecy of the third floor and the one who did the attacking?

This next week we continue with JANE EYRE – chapters 21-30.

2 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: JANE EYRE CH 10-20

  1. Okay, I’m going to start with question 7 because that’s the easiest! Blanche and her mother are off putting right from the start. Scheming socialites who masquerade behind a beautiful exterior. Next to Mrs Reed and John, Blanche is my least favorite character in the book. And in some ways, she is more dislikable because there is some sense of compassion for Mrs Reed (as we learn that part of her dislike of Jane stemmed from the fact that her husband preferred Jane to his own children—not excusing her response, but even though it was perverted, there was a seed of righteous jealousy there). Blanche is haughty, condescending, and two-faced. I cannot find anything redeeming except she was pleasant to look at.


  2. 1. IMO a lady is one that strives for purity, the fruit of the Spirit, and to emulate the Proverbs 31 woman. Born again believers are all equal in God’s eyes but sinful society will always put people into classes.
    2. I do get lost in my thoughts sometimes. Occasionally I long to get a job but then realize that’s not what my husband wishes so I rest in the Lord, and am thankful :):)
    3. Mr Rochester as described seems not very handsome and rough around the edges. Gruff.
    4.Definitely a mystery behind Grace Poole! Ive read this before so I’m not going to spoil it for anyone!
    5.I would explain that man looks at the outward appearance and the Lord looks at the heart! ❤️ Don’t compare yourself to others; it’s a trap!
    6. I didn’t like the fact that Mr. Rochester disguised himself as a gypsy! That is deception! But from a worldly perspective it was funny way to mess with the young women.
    7. Blanche and her mother seem to be shallow, snooty women who are only after money and status. I am not a fan.
    8. Can’t answer this one without revealing too many details because I have read this book several times before. But from a Jane Eyre newbie perspective it is super mysterious, and really piques the interest with Grace Poole!


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