Hello Mamas.

Summer is here and if your state is open, you’ll be getting ready to send your little one off to church camp.

I made a list to help with any list you already have been given. Hopefully it’ll be a blessing as you pack their little bags.

  • Clothing x 2 outfits per day (in case one gets wet and yucky)
  • Extra underwear & appropriate undergarments
  • Bathing Suit (a one piece)
  • Lake or Pool shoes
  • Pool Bag to carry all Pool essentials
  • SunScreen
  • Goggles
  • Lake & Pool Towels x 2
  • Shower shoes (like flip flops)
  • Shower Towels
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Body Wash & Washcloth
  • Hoodie / Jacket for Colder Nights / Campfire
  • Bible & Notebook & Pen
  • Hairbrush & Clips/Hair Ties
  • Deodorant & Body Spray
  • Makeup (if they’re old enough to wear it)
  • Twin Fitted Sheet, Pillow, Sleeping Bag, Blanket
  • Fan (if there’s no running AC in cabin)
  • Rain Gear
  • Bug Spray
  • Flashlight
  • Disposable Camera (yes, they still exist 😉
  • Small backpack to carry Bible, Notebook, & Money in
  • Feminine Products (Even if your pre-teen hasn’t started her cycle, pack them anyways – just in case. You do not want her to be without or be embarrassed.)
  • Money for Snacks
  • Money for Missions
  • Money for Merchandise
  • Any medicine – given to the counselors
  • Comfort Item: Stuffed Animal or Special Blanket
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • Fanny Pack (if desired, they’re super cute and handy)

I pray your children are safe and have the best time at camp!

If you have any other ideas to pack, please leave them below.

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