My 11 year old was looking at photos with me as I was creating my new side by side image and she said: “Mommy, no offense but you were really large!”

No offense taken baby. I was larger than she had ever seen or known me. I was knocking on 300 lbs. at 5’4, which I still cannot believe.

Week 15 and I am still learning so much about my health, how to eat well, how to be disciplined with my workouts, and trusting Jesus with this entire process.

I took this photo to show y’all what was on my table in my bedroom: A BANG, a Diet Coke, two waters, and an ICE Drink.

I was so hungry still after I ate dinner. I dirty fast, which means I drink whatever I want even while fasting, and so instead of eating – I was drinking everything I had in the house. Nothing was working but I didn’t give in.

I never want anyone to see my results and think this journey is easy. It hasn’t been. It’s been a rollercoaster honestly: some weeks are better than others.

Also, looking at my before and after photos – I CAN SEE HOW FAR I HAVE COME but knowing how far I still have to go is so overwhelming. I can already hear some of y’all encouraging me and I am going to really appreciate it.

It’s just a harder week I think.

June 3rd is an anniversary that is painful for me and I am just proud that with the day, today, coming up – I haven’t binged. It’ll be important for me to have all my emotions and thoughts in check today – no matter how I feel, it’s not justification to go back to binge eating. And this my friend is the reality of overcoming B.E.D. and slaying your food-idol.

What I am most proud of is the consistency I’ve managed to keep. 15 weeks of intermittent fasting and also with posting every week. I appreciate you ladies so much and supporting my journey.

I’ll check in next week.

With Love, Jillian

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