Another week and no weight loss. No weight gain but no loss. I was so frustrated at first but I decided not to let it get to me.

My accountability partner reminded me that I am not a microwave but an oven. “All good things cook better in the oven.” Something like that, lol.

But it’s true. Microwave mentality – FAST FAST FAST doesn’t always taste the best. Slow cooking really gets the flavor. And same with the story of the turtle and the rabbit. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

I need to remember that my weight loss is not a race. Do I want to get to 176? YES! BADLY. I will be at a healthy weight for the first time since I was 20. I will have lost over 100 lbs. BUT I do not want to just get to that size and then go back to bad habits.

I am changing my life – defeating Binge Eating Disorder, slaying my food-idol, learning new recipes to cook from home, working out. It takes time.

Losing over 40 lbs is huge and I am going to be so proud of it.

The other thing that makes me the turtle and not the bunny is the fact that I refuse to diet. I refuse.

I have the sweetest people, with best intentions, encourage me to pair Keto with my Intermittent Fasting but I know that if I do that – it will not last. DIETs HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR ME. EVER!

And I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to restricting food again. If I am going to say NO to eating something, it’ll be because I am using discernment on what’s best for my body and not because it’s on some list of things I cannot have.

In order to finish my 75 HARD DAY CHALLENGE (which I haven’t been consistent with, I am not even going to lie, lol) and to prepare for our family vacation – I challenged myself (and Instagram friends) to do a 45 day HIT IT HARD Challenge. I want to make sure I hit my goals every day.

So, drinking my water. Getting my exercise in. These are the two biggest things for me that I need to focus on.

So, regardless if it takes two years to lose my 100+ lbs. it will be worth it. I am changing my life – creating good habits that will LAST A LIFETIME.

I’m okay being the turtle. 🙂

See y’all next week.

With Love, Jillian

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