Getting our new curriculum in was so much fun and what was even more fun was to clear out the old.

We have a small homeschool station our homes library. It easily gets cluttered and messy. I was very excited to throw old papers away and organize a bit.

I’m sure The Home Edit gals would have 10,000 better ideas for organization than I had but I didn’t want to spend more money on getting the space decluttered. I used what we had and am happy with the results.


Socks had to make a little debut. 😉

This week begins our new adventures with MASTER BOOKS curriculum. If you missed my other post on this – we are no longer using ABeka. The seat-work was having us homeschool ALL day and leaving both me and my girls with anxiety.

A sweet friend introduced me to MASTERBOOKS and I am already incredibly impressed with their material.

We will be homeschooling into the summer – except for Vacation and when the girls attend church camp.

We’ll let you all know how it goes. I am making it a goal to blog on the home (family, homeschool, etc.) on Mondays and keep Thursdays blog post for my weight loss journey.


With Love, Jillian

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