Week 11: -41 pounds gone

As I’ve shared before, in January I weighed in at 286. In February I weighed 274 and that is when my Intermittent Fasting began. I am now going into 12 weeks and today I weighed in at 245!

274-275 12 weeks ago
Today’s weigh in. 29 lbs. in 12 weeks. -41 lbs. total.

I am so proud of myself though all glory goes to the Lord.

I am proud that I can honestly say I am not dieting. I still enjoy pizza and carbs and even sweets here and there.

I am proud that I, Jill Lancour, have actually stayed committed to this for 12 weeks! It’s truly just become my way of life now. I don’t even think about it much anymore. I just know, as well as my family, that I only eat between 11am-7pm.

I am proud that my overall health is improving: my sleep, my energy, my focus, my mood.

Wearing dresses again out of the Plus Size section.

Food is no longer my go-to and I realized it just a few nights ago. I don’t even think about food the way I used to. ALL GLORY TO GOD.

I have been so consumed with digging into Theology, Homeschooling my girls, Exercising, and Homemaking – cooking, painting, and about to plant my first ever garden this weekend.

It’s really incredible because just months ago, food consumed me and my thoughts. My mood was based off of what I was eating or going to eat.

I am not saying that I am free forever from my food idol. I will have to practice daily discipline forever in this area and other areas of my life that used to be sin and now are repented over, surrendered, and replaced with Scripture and Prayer.

Some other really cool victories is since I started the #75HardChallenge and have been drinking a gallon of water, my Diet Coke and Coke Zero drinking has gone down like CRAZY. I was going through a 12 pack in 3 days and now I may have 1 with dinner.

I used to be the woman who didn’t know the last time she had water and now I drink a gallon pretty easily.

I drink 4 of these a day. 🙂

Thank you for supporting my continual journey. I do have a personal goal of being under 200 by my Birthday on October 4th.

If you’re looking for support in fighting your food-idol, I have a FB group for Christian women. It’s completely private and full of encouragement. The link to join that group is on the homepage of my blog: FOOD-IDOL SLAYERS.

See you next week!

With Love, Jillian

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