I SAW THE 240’s!

This is probably one of the most exiting moments for me yet and yes, it’s a scale victory, but please don’t judge that and just celebrate with me.

My starting weight was 283, for starting IF it was 276.

The story of the scale is that I threw ours away, proclaiming my freedom from it, and then started the #75HardChallenge and needed a scale. lol. Oh the irony. So I had to buy a new one but I am not allowing it to get in the way of my days. I am weighing in when I need to and moving on…except, I did get really excited seeing the 240’s.

I am not dieting. I am just practicing self-control by doing Intermittent Fasting and choosing healthier options and I do cardio everyday. I am living a healthy lifestyle without having any food restrictions. It feels really good. I am no longer snacking like I was. I don’t eat at night and my heartburn is completely gone. It’s wonderful.

I’m sure if I did Keto or something, I could lose a lot more weight quicker but I promised myself I would not go back to any diet. Diets have only hurt me and I will not ban a food because the world has labeled it “bad.” I will use my brain and decide daily whats best for my body and continue to discipline myself – going to God instead of the comfort foods I was idolizing.


Here’s some of the dishes I made this week.

spicy pesto pasta with tomatoes and crispy prosciutto
frozen yogurt bars with fruit
spicy cheesy chicken and roasted broccoli
homemade broccoli salad and a spinach wrap
I’ve been eating an apple a day. 🙂


Like I mentioned above, no more heartburn. This is a HUGE celebration because I have had heartburn for years. It’s gone!

I am spending more time in the kitchen than I ever had and I am LOVING it. It’s also spilled into my down time when I want to watch TV. I have been watching MASTER CHEF. lol.

I mowed the lawn a few days ago and before it would exhaust me. This time I didn’t get out of breath at all. It was a really good experience to feel strong.

My water intake is going really well. I’m drinking a gallon a day and my skin has never looked better…well, as an adult. lol. Drinking so much water has really had me naturally cut back on the Coke Zero and Diet Coke. I dont crave them like I used to.

My girls are getting healthier too. They’re making smoothies and enjoying more healthy snacks. It’s fun to experiment with them in the kitchen.

Kaydi made these giant berry smoothies for her and Presley. Of course they added some whip cream.

I’m also not taking melatonin to sleep. I am exhausted at the end of the day and pray myself to sleep. I used to have to have a show on and have taken melatonin but my body just drifts off. It’s a huge blessing.

I’ll keep updating every week. I will be really excited to get into the 230’s so cheer me on. 🙂 But again, let us all remember that it’s not about overcoming a size or weight but the sin that caused my obesity in the first place.

with love, Jillian

One thought on “WEEK 10 UPDATE

  1. I am SO excited for you Jillian and you inspire me so much!!! I have lost 13 lbs in a month and it’s slow and steady but that’s how it should be! Food is no longer an idol and your message on repenting of my obesity opened up my heart more than you’ll know. So thank you and God Bless you and your sweet family!!! God is just so good I want to scream it out!


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