When God places a conviction on your heart, to make excuses for it – to fight against it with “logic” is sin.

I’ve spent almost a year sharing my sanctification journey with you all and before that YEARS of my life on social media. So many of you have watched Jesus transform me from a false convert to a woman humbled by His grace – His mercy.

You’ve watched my marriage be healed and transformed.

And while my heart loves creating content and posting and sharing and connecting – I know God is telling me it’s enough. My desire has changed and needs to be solely directed offline – to what’s before me and not on a screen. I want to be the HANDS of Christ, more and more, not just from a keyboard but in actual “real life” service. And to do that, to pour into ministry here, I can’t keep up with things online and be faithful in my Home first and foremost.

I was going to wait until the new year but Jacob and I discussed it and it’s time.

I’ve left social media before in the past and it was always running – always self-focused. And while I understand if someone thinks “she’s doing it again” – I am not doing this for myself but for obedience to what I have continually been drawn to in the Word. I want to pour myself out for Christ locally – in His church, in our Home, wherever He plants Jacob and I. ❤️

“SHE LIVES HOLY” will continue until the last issue in December. My website will still be active and so you can always get old editions or new ones there. 🙂

I love you sisters. A lot! Stand firm in Scripture. Stand firm in truth. Stand firm in Christ. Stand firm in Righteousness.

SOLI DEO GLORIA 🔆❤️ *shared on September 27,2022.